We specialize in founder-friendly acquisitions of startups and growth companies.

We provide our portfolio companies with access to capital and technical expertise, enabling growth even during challenging periods.

At Veloz, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of great ideas and ensuring their success by providing the necessary resources and support. Our deep expertise in technology and operations, coupled with a team of specialists focused on exit and growth opportunities, allows us to provide companies with the necessary tools to endure challenging circumstances and emerge stronger.

We make a point of keeping founders as shareholders and strive to work with existing teams whenever possible. We amin to recoup continuity and speed, making sure that our portfolio companies have the necessary resources to continue growing and to meet existing financial obligations. With our expertise and presence in both the US and Europe, we are uniquely positioned to open doors to portfolio companies.

At Veloz, we believe that good ideas deserve a chance to thrive, and we are committed to empowering them through our three-pronged approach: access to expertise, access to capital, and commitment to preserving institutional knowledge.

Our Values